Top 5 tips to upgrade security at home

Yale anti snap lock fitted to Middlesbrough home
Anti-snap locks
Door jammers
Change locks
Patio door locks
Security camers

Our 5 top tips covers the following:

Install anti-snap locks

Anti-snap locks resist all manner of attacks including picking, snapping and bumping.

Lock snapping has become a popular method for breaking into properties by breaking the lock cylinder to manipulate the lock open without a key. As the cylinder is the weakest part of any lock anti-snap locks, which were first introduced in 2011, are designed to prevent the cylinder being damaged in this way keeping your doors secure.

Look for Sold Secure Diamond approved cylinders as these euro cylinders have been tested against lock snapping methods used by criminals. It is important to have your new locks fitted by a good quality local locksmith to ensure maximum security.

Invest in door and window jammers

Door and window jammers provide an extra level of security.

Easy and cheap to install sash jammers fit most types of door and windows and can be fitted internally or externally to prevent a door or window opening even if a lock has been bypassed. Find out more about this on our What are sash jammers blog or contact your local Middlesbrough locksmith to get a quote to fit.

Change your locks

It is important to keep your locks up to date. Like any part of the house locks will need replacing so that they can function correctly and meet the latest home security standards.

It is recommended that you change your locks at least every 7 years.

If you are unsure if your door and window locks meet current safety standards, then MJS Master Locksmiths will be happy to advise.

Sold Secure Diamond Locks, like Ultion, offer the highest level of protection but it is important that your locks at least meet British Standards.

Find out more about anti snap lock upgrades here (

Patio door locks

Statistics show around three quarters of all break ins use a door to gain entry.

Patio doors, although a lot more robust these days, are often seen as a point of weakness at a property.

Consider whether a patio door locking mechanism will add additional security.

Patio door locks can easily be installed and like sash jammers add an additional layer of security to protect your home.

Security cameras

CCTV is a great way to keep an eye on your property when you are not at home.

It not only acts as a deterrent to thieves but can also be used as valuable evidence should the worst happen. Think about where CCTV and lighting can help to act as a deterrent.