Locking out burglars this winter with safety tips to keep your home secure

Last year Middlesbrough topped the tables for break ins with more burglaries per 1,000 residents than any other UK city.

During 2021, England and Wales police forces received 235,280 crime reports about burglary. Although a decrease nationally from 2020’s figure of 274,899 reports, Middlesbrough found itself the area most likely to fall foul of the crime.

With 10 burglaries per 1,000 residents, you are more than twice as likely to suffer a break in in Middlesbrough than other cities. The national average is 3.9 burglaries per 1000 people.

As the nights draw darker and the loud noise and nightly distractions of Halloween and Bonfire Night provide the perfect cover for intruders make sure you keep burglars locked out with these handy home safety tips.



Don’t leave any easy access routes

Take a few minutes to look around your property…

  • Check that you haven’t left any bins up against fences or storage boxes which can easily be used to climb over hedges or railings.
  • Check if you have broken fence panels or faulty gates making it easier to access your back garden?
  • Check you haven’t left ladders stored outside which could be used to access upstairs windows or rooflines.

Mend faulty locks

It may seem obvious, but it is easy to put off mending that faulty lock or gate latch. Check locks are working, and any broken gates or faulty latches are mended. If you need help call the Middlesbrough locksmith! We cover all of the North East.

Keep tools locked away

Tools left outside, can be used to break into your property. When you have finished your DIY project securely lock away any equipment such as hammers, saws, screwdrivers or even ladders in the garden shed or garage.

Think about investing in an alarm, or if you have one make sure you use it!

A professional alarm is a visual deterrent to burglars by showing that security measures are in place. Making it is as hard as possible to break in makes it less likely that a criminal will attempt a break in. If you haven’t already got a security system, it is worth looking at your options. Equally, if you do have an alarm, make sure that you use it, and it is regularly maintained to keep everything in full working order.

Don’t leave valuables on display

Make sure tempting valuables are out of sight. You can use a safe to lock up extra precious items. However, even everyday items such as mobile phones and laptops should be kept out of view. Don’t leave keys and phones next to windows or in easy reach of the door. Most break ins are carried out by opportunists so don’t leave tempting valuables on display.You could also consider having a home safe installation.

Most of all though …

Don’t panic

Despite the scary statistics it is important to remember that if you haven’t had a break in the last 10 years and you haven’t made any drastic life changes, such as a brand new car or motorhome, then your chances of falling victim are still relatively low.

It is important to be vigilant but a simple quick check around your property is all it takes to make sure that you aren’t leaving yourself open for any unwanted frights this Halloween.

If you are concerned about home safety or would like a chat about anything, from which locks to use to security cameras, contact MJS Locksmiths and we will be happy to help.

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